In addition to our comprehensive range of product offerings, we also provide a service called TM Makes, aimed at designers, architects and those looking to bring their furniture and product ideas to life. From building one-off prototypes to exploring IP partnerships and delivering entire collections for commercial projects, we are committed to finding ways to make your projects a reality. 



Our Services


Prototyping Working from your CAD designs we can manufacture a prototype to help you better understand and iterate your project.


Foaming Foam moulding available to your specifications and designs


Design office Helping you refine your designs and prepare them for the various manufacturing processes.


Woodworking Fully equipped woodworking shop with team offering bespoke cutting, joinery and finishing


Upholstery Our experienced team work with a wide variety of leading fabric, leather and vinyl manufacturers


Network We have a network of trusted partners for to cover all processes and techniques


Metalwork Range of metal processes
available to your bespoke needs


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For over 40 years we’ve been designing, manufacturing and shipping furniture in Ireland. Our skilled team, manufacturing know-how and industry and market knowledge are available to ensure your projects are of the highest quality.


Our off-the-shelf products are supplied to market in accordance to industry leading standards, practices and guarantees to ensure your ideas are ready to go to market. Our factory and showrooms are conveniently located on the Dublin / Wicklow border making it accessible for clients to visit and have end-to-end involvement in the design and manufacturing processes.


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