Beautifully designed with its smooth, curved seat, the Moy collection offers style, comfort and flexibility, allowing you to relax and continue with your day at ease.

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With a wide selection of base options and a beautifully upholstered seat, the Moy chair is suitable for offices, meeting areas, or indeed for the home office.

The Moy has a plush foam upholstery finish, ensuring that style doesn’t compromise comfort and relaxation while working.

4-Star Wooden Pyramid Base

4-Star Wooden Pyramid Base

Black Nylon Pyramid Base

Black Nylon Pyramid Base

Black Sled Frame

Black Sled Frame

4-Leg Wooden Frame

4-Leg Wooden Frame

Moy downloads

The Moy range is available in all our our suggested fabric finishes.

  • Napier

  • Stonebridge

  • Silverdale

  • Dartmouth

  • St Andrews

  • Fairfield

  • Padworth

  • Ackworth

  • Falmouth

  • Magdalene

  • Uplands

  • Warwick

  • Goldsmith

  • Leeds

  • Wesley

  • Eynesbury

  • Bryanston

  • Montcrest

  • Stowe

  • Laytmer

  • Vassar

  • Tettenhall

  • Edinburgh

  • Hull

We also offer a wider range of finishes. Please consult your current pricelist or a member of our Sales team for further details.